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Natural childbirth classes, group and private courses as well as Sedona Method private sessions and special programmes. Private sessions also available in Lewes.



Hypnobirthing is a birth education and preparation programme for both you and your partner, based on that childbirth is a natural, normal and healthy functionand therefore, can be experienced calmly and gently, minimizing any discomfort and allowing you to feel confident, relaxed, and remaining in control of the experience no matter what turn your birthing takes.

I am a fully qualified and experienced hypnotherapist, having trained and qualified by the prestigious LCCH in 2007. I have then trained in the original HypnoBirthing™ programme in 2008 and I’ve worked with and prepared countless couples since then. Additionally I am one of the very few Sedona Method practitioners in the UK. For more detailed information on my general hypnotherapy practice, please visit my main website

The original HypnoBirthingprogramme was established in the States by Marie Mongan. Since then, awareness has been growing and it has been gaining more recognition from mums as well as medical caregivers, and now there are many other programmes available all around the world. The Wise Hippo programme is the most current and up-to-date programme, created in the UK and made specifically with UK parents in mind.

Maya Zack Hypnobirthing London and BrightonWe have been taught to believe that birthing is one of the most painful and terrible experiences women could ever have, and this has been reinforced in our society for decades (although this was not always the case throughout history, and is not the case either in some non-western societies, who do enjoy and celebrate birth without fear!); we have been taught to expect and fear horror and pain – this might be because of stories of well meaning family and friends, or the way birth is portrayed on TV and in the media…we might even be warned in other antenatal classes of all the dangers and complications we should be aware of. Our partners also might expect to be standing helpless, watching us scream in agony.

However, all this negativity is based on wrong ideas and misinformation, and there is another way available to us!

Because of this belief being embedded in our subconscious, it is not enough to consciously inform ourselves, but we need to alter and release these fears on a subconscious level. Hypnobirthing does just that, through providing education as well as using self-hypnosis, guided imagery and other practical tools.

Hypnobirthing teaches you how your body is in fact perfectly designed and made to work during childbirth and how fear affects this natural physical process, causing the muscles of your uterus to not function properly. You and your partner will be surprised to learn all these truths, and that they are all based on physiological; medical and scientific facts!
Some couples arrive to class feeling skeptical (this is often more true for dads-to-be, even though they have the best intentions of supporting mum); however, if you are unsure, by by the end of just the first session you will leave assured and positive in your new knowledge!

The Hypnobirthing programme includes teaching techniques for deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, visualization, breathing techniques, bonding with your baby and your birth-companion, practical information and much more! Gaining all this knowledge and techniques you will be able to relax, feel confident and trust your natural birthing instincts, and the fact that the birthing experience can be calm, more comfortable and not a medical event filled with stress and intervention as we have been taught for so long…

Next: find out about your partner’s role and about the course; what you will learn, cost and other details…



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